Sunday, June 20, 2010

Business Idea

Do you know anybody in their 40's, 50's, and 60's who would like learning about all these Web 2.0 tools? Would they also like to know how to use their cell phone features? digital camera? video camera? email? programs on their computers?

I get random phone calls from people I don't even know. The week before class, I helped a 25 year apply for a teaching job in Texas. He had to create a video of him teaching and send it to the HR of the Houston School District. He didn't know how to do it so his sister suggested my name so on a Saturday night, I helped create the video and send it in. He volunteered to pay me but I told him that it wasn't necessary. At school conferences, I talk to the parents about all the technology their son/daughter is using in my class and so many of them say "I would like to take your class and learn all that." That has given me an idea for a business.

People used to hire me to create videos for graduations, anniversaries, highlight football videos, and so on. I would make around $250 but that ended up to be about $5 an hour and I used all my own equipment. Not a very profitable business. Instead of me doing the work, why can't THEY do the work and I help them.

I think that a computer learning center for adults it's what's needed. The learning center could offer classes on a variety of technology like word processing, spreadsheets, Photoshop, videos, picture editing, and troubleshooting. This learning center would have to have office hours where customers could come in and ask for help on a problem their having. The problem is money. How much would you have to charge to make this a profitable business???

Any ideas????


Sara said...

Awesome idea, Camilla! You may have to move to a large city eventually to really make money.


CathyO said...

I think adult centers are a good idea and I read about these classes being offered all the time. The next problem is this: how do you get people to take the classes? I think we need to keep working on this, too. Great idea for a blog.

Dr. Z said...

I like your idea, Camilla. You might want to begin with some grant funding. UNI had a system like that where they were teaching people who were out of work or underemployed. They loved learning about computers and improving their skills to make them more employable.

Good luck and keep me posted.