Friday, June 18, 2010

Excited to Learn

It's fun to be around people in our ITEC class who are very eager to learn all the various technology Dr. Z. is introducing us to. We are all thinking about how can we implement these technology tools into our lesson plans.
Wouldn't that be great if the majority of teachers here in Iowa could be just as excited? That would make our administrators jobs a lot easier. I was thinking, how can I help my principal and superintendent with their technology goals for our school? For a teacher quality project this summer, I'm going to work on a document on how to teach technology to educators during our professional development days.
The consensus of the teachers at our school want to know how they can specifically use this technology in their classrooms. They also want someone to to be around for support.

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Dr. Z said...

You are right. It has to do with taking the situation by the horns and making it happen in your class.