Thursday, June 3, 2010

How is Technology Impacting Education? Dr. Scott McLeod

For our professional development day at school, Dr. Scott McLeod from Iowa State, presented about how our teaching strategies needs to change to adapt to technology. Dr. McLeod made this blog for our school Dangerously Irrelevant - Iowa Falls School During our in service, we talked about Facebook. Most of the teachers do NOT want anything to do with social networking. In Gabe's blog, he says There is a large part of me that wants to resist and revolt. I don't want to be a part of the generation that is so self-absorbed that they think "everyone is just dying to know what I am doing at this very minute."

These are notes from the meeting with Dr. Scott McLeod.
  • 1st Task - Increase the cognitive level skills (higher order of thinking) of our students - critical thinking, problem solving, effective speaking and writing, collaboration, global awareness, adaptability, entrepreneurship, innovation, synthesis, curiosity, information literacy
  • 2nd Task - Start integrating technology into education - we are so far behind (colleges too)

We remember things that we have attached meaning to.

When your kids are performing the higher cognitive skills, the lower level skills are also being learned.

In Sara's blog, she says We need new "Learning Centers" that are free, abundant, and promote learning rather than test scores. I would love to teach in a learning center or a career academy school. Is there any in Iowa?

Dr. McLeod asked us these questions? Are you teaching kids to write with the hyper links (connections) to the world? Do they create a multi-media presentation that appeals to readers emotions?

In the textbook Web 2. New Tools, New Schools on page 121, Scott McLeod mentions 12 reasons why administrators need to blog.

I really enjoyed this in service, but I think many teachers are resisting the push to integrate technology into their curriculum. What I would like to see is team teaching. One teacher would know the content and another teacher would know the technology.

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Sara said...

Thanks for posting and sharing some great links!

I think your idea of pairing a teacher and technologist is a really good idea. It would cost money, but after a year or two--getting some templates figured out and assignments rearranged--the technologists wouldn't be needed as much, I think.